Doing Business with

The Purchasing Department manages the expenditures of all college funds to achieve the maximum value per dollar spent. We ensure that, consistent with applicable law, regulations, policies, and procedures, the appropriate quality and quantity of products and services needed by the college are obtained at the lowest possible cost and in a timeframe that meets the needs of our users.

Who can do business with
welcomes all companies, large and small, to do business with us. The Purchasing Department maintains a Master Vendor Database, and vendors are encouraged to submit a  Bidder's Mailing List Application (PDF) in order to be entered into the database.

How goods and services are purchased
’s purchasing procedures are consistent with Sections 805/3-27.1, 805/3-27.2, and 805/7-23.1 of the , and represent the intentions and goals of its Board of Trustees. purchases goods and services on the open market. Purchases greater than $25,000 are accomplished through a competitive bidding process per the Illinois Public Community College Act. Bid opportunities are also advertised in the Kewanee Star Courier and the Moline Dispatch newspapers. Purchases less than $25,000 are accomplished through an informal quotations process initiated by the Purchasing Department.

Procurement diversity
The College recognizes the importance of increasing the participation of businesses owned by minorities, females and persons with disabilities in public contracts. It is the policy of the College to promote the economic development of disadvantaged business enterprises by setting aspirational goals to award contracts to businesses owned by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities for certain services, to the extent provided by the et seq. and the Business enterprise council for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities (“Council”) which serves to implement, monitor and enforce the goals of the Act.

How contracts are awarded
Bid documents are publicly opened and read aloud by the Purchasing Manager or his designee on the date, time and place specified in the document. Late bids are not accepted under any circumstances. No decisions regarding contract awards are made at bid opening; those decisions are made by the Board of Trustees at their regular monthly meetings, generally within ninety (90) calendar days of the bid opening. Awards will be made to the lowest responsible bidder, whose bid complies with all of the bid requirements. Winning vendors are notified by the Purchasing Department. Contact our Purchasing Department if you have questions.

Bid Documents:

Contact Accounts Payable for any questions regarding payments to vendors. Payments are made 30 days from an invoice date and checks are generally mailed each Friday. Vendors are required to have a W-9 on file with this office. is exempt from Illinois Retailers Occupation Tax.

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