Optional Education & Youth ҷ®

Program Description

Note: The ages to qualify for these programs vary, starting at age 16. Please call for more information.

Optional Education (High School Credit)
Optional Education is a collaborative effort by the six Rock Island County public secondary school systems, , the Regional Superintendent of Schools and the Youth Service Bureau to provide educational alternatives for truant and dropout youth. Students may earn high school credits leading to a diploma or prepare for ҷ® testing. Additional support services are available.

Youth ҷ®
Designed to meet the needs of the younger ҷ® student, Optional Education ҷ® classes help students with few high school credits prepare for the ҷ® exam which, in turn, will qualify them for employment or postsecondary education.

Early School Leaver Transition Program
This program serves 16 to 24-year-old Optional Education high school credit or ҷ® students who are interested in exploring employment and postsecondary educational options. Career services offered include: self-assessment and career exploration; résumé, cover letter and interview preparation; job search techniques; training in employer expectations; job placement assistance; and guidance with transition to college. For more information, call 309-796-8252.

Stark County Youth Assistance Program
The Stark County Youth Assistance Program is supported by Career Link through a Workforce Investment Act grant. It provides support for qualified youth ages 16-24 to complete their high-school-level education then successfully enter work or post-secondary training. Special support and tutoring is provided to help students succeed academically when they may have struggled in the past.

  • FREE practice/prep for ҷ®
  • ҷ® test funding
  • Financial incentives for student progress
  • Job skills/interview training
  • Assistance creating a powerful résumé
  • Paid work experience
  • Transportation assistance
  • Opportunities to try out careers in welding, health care, computers, auto repair, office professions and more!

Our staff provides individualized coaching to help participants develop their character and plan for their future. For more information, call 309-854-1862.

Training for Employment and Academic Mastery (T.E.A.M.) Program
The Training for Employment and Academic Mastery (T.E.A.M.) program is a Workforce Investment Act initiative designed to help qualified youth complete their basic education and successfully transition to work or postsecondary training. In addition to academic training, the program specializes in résumé-building, career exploration, workforce preparation, occupational and soft skill training, and individualized counseling to address character development. T.E.A.M. is available at all Adult Education facilities managed by in Rock Island County. For more information, call 309-796-8242.

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